Coffey, Dr. Jerome

Have always and still do find the Staff in the Art Class room, all so lovely, friendly and helpful.

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Dr. Jerome Coffey


Radiation Oncologist


St. Luke's Hospital - see location

St. Luke's Centre at St. James's Hospital - see location

Multidisciplinary management of breast, genito-urinary and other common malignancies.


Fulltime clinician with an additional role as network clinical lead in radiation oncology. He has a background of higher training in major academic oncology centres in North America and the UK.


National Clinical Lead (Radiation Oncology) at the Health Service Executive, 2010 to now.

  • Lead clinician in the National Radiation Oncology Network management team and member of the National Cancer Control Programme Executive 2010-Present
  • Radiation Oncologist at the St. Luke's Radiation Oncology Network 2006-Present
  • Radiation Oncologist at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital 2006-Present
  • Radiation Oncologist at the Cavan General Hospital 2006-Present
  • Radiation Oncologist at the Mater Private Hospital 2006-Present


  • Clinical and lab research, the Institute of Cancer Research, University of London 2004-2006.
  • Radiation Oncology Fellowships, University of Toronto, 2001-2003.
  • National Training Programme in Radiation Oncology, St. Lukes, Dublin, 1996-2001.