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During my treatment here in St Luke's, I was very happy with the care provided to me.  All the…

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Departments A-Z

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Catering Department

Welcome to St Luke’s Hospital Catering Department. We provide food services to all patients, staff, outpatients and visitors at both the main restaurant and Highfield Café.

Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

A dietitian or clinical nutritionist is a health professional who is qualified to give specific advice and recommendations on diets that promote well-being and recovery from disease.


Diagnostic Imaging

The Diagnostic Imaging Department (D.I.D.) or X-ray provides a full digital imaging service to the patients and clinicians of St Luke’s Hospital.



Laboratory services are provided 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year at each treatment site in the St Luke’s Radiation and Oncology Network, at St. James’s Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital and Beaumont Hospital.


The librarian provides support for research, continuing professional development, education and supporting patient care by providing best practice evidence. Library services and facilities are provided for all SLRON staff and HSE community staff within Dublin West and Dublin South West. The library is located in St Luke's Hospital, Rathgar.


Medical Records

Welcome to the Patient Administration Services Department. We provide patient administration support throughout the hospital.

Medical Social Work

A diagnosis of cancer can result in major life adjustments for both you and your family. In these circumstances, social workers can help you to identify solutions that will help you and your family deal with your diagnosis and any problems that may arise as a result.



Welcome to St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network Nursing Department. The nursing department is proud of its highly skilled nursing staff and trained healthcare assistants



St Luke’s Hospital pharmacy department provides all prescribed medication during a patient’s stay (with the exception of HI-TECH items).


As chartered physiotherapists working in the St. Luke's Radiation Oncology Network, we are experienced in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of physical problems that you may have as a result of your cancer or its treatment.


The Psycho-Oncology Department offers expert psychological advice to patients and staff on the emotional challenges that may arise at all stages of the cancer journey. In addition, there is a limited service available to support family members.


Radiotherapy & Planning

Radiotherapy is at the core of the clinical treatments provided for cancer patients in St. Luke's Radiation Oncology Network.