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Laboratory services are provided 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year at each treatment site in the St Luke’s Radiation and Oncology Network, at St. James’s Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital and Beaumont Hospital.

The main laboratory services provided for patients across the network involve:

  • The monitoring of their blood levels for general biochemistry which includes renal, liver and bone profile tests.
  • The routine measurement of tumour marker levels relevant to the cancer-type of the patient.
  • The monitoring of patient haematological blood Indices during treatment.
  • Provision of compatibility-tested blood and blood products for patients who require top-ups during their radiation treatment.
  • Examination of tissue biopsies from cancer patients when required.

Laboratory services at all hospitals in the network are provided to the highest internationally recognised quality standards.

For more information see Phlebotomy (Blood Tests) FAQs page