Medical Records

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Medical Records

Welcome to the Patient Administration Services Department. We provide patient administration support throughout the hospital.

All patient administration is carried out by our department. This includes appointments, letters and referrals.

Telephone contact details are:

Outpatient Appointments - Outpatient Reception - 01 4065154

Bed Confirmation - Admission - 01 4065162

Medical Secretaries - 01 4065196 / 01 4065157

X-Ray Appointments - 01 4065120

We arrange your appointments and we will make up your chart when you attend.

It is a HSE requirement that we record your personal data and your health insurance or Medical Card details and that we keep this information on file.

We try to keep this process as simple, efficient and as thorough as possible to avoid any undue stress, delay or complications.

You will be seen by a doctor as soon as possible.  However, at times there may be delays due to the sheer number of patients seeking attention.

We appreciate you may have concerns. Our support staff are here to answer any queries you may have, so please ask at reception for any help you may need.

If you are attending for the first time you will receive a form in the post for completion before you attend and you should bring this completed form with you on your first attendance, it is always good, if possible, to bring a relative or friend with you and go directly to the Outpatient Reception Desk at the main entrance.

If you are due for admission to the hospital, you will receive a phone call from us the day before you are expected - to confirm your bed and ward.

We look forward to assisting you in any way we can.