Visiting Times / Info

Have always and still do find the Staff in the Art Class room, all so lovely, friendly and helpful.

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Visiting Times / Info

Main Hospital

Visiting Times:        2pm to 4pm 

We recognise how important it is for patients to have loved ones visit while they are staying in the hospital.  However, we would appreciate if you did not visit during protected meal times, 8am to 9am, 12pm to 1pm and 5pm to 6pm.  

Outside the normal visiting times of 2pm to 4pm visiting can be arranged in advance by contacting the Clinical Nurse Manager on the Ward. 


Oakland Lodge 

No visiting time restrictions. 

We would ask all visitors to sign in and out at the reception in Oakland Lodge. 


With the increase in community transmission of respiratory viruses, we would like to remind all visitors not to visit if they are unwell or have flu like symptoms.