Oakland Lodge FAQs

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Oakland Lodge FAQs

Where is Oakland Lodge?

Oakland Lodge is a 5 day unit with 51 patient rooms situated within the grounds of St. Luke’s hospital Rathgar Dublin 6.

Are there nurses in the lodge?

There is a nursing presence in the lodge. Nurses liaise with the medical teams and can refer you to other members of the multidisciplinary team including chiropody, complimentary therapy, dietician etc.

Who can stay in the lodge?

This decision is made by the medical team. Patients are assessed on an individual basis. There are no call bells in the rooms, no piped oxygen points, no facility to administer intravenous fluids/blood. Patients must be able to walk to the main hospital several times daily. Patients should be independent with their activities of daily living.

What facilities are available in the lodge?

Each bedroom has a telephone, fridge, kettle, television, safe and an en-suite shower room. All rooms have their own key. There are no laundry facilities available.

Is there a dining room in the lodge?

There is a dining room in the lodge for meals which are provided from the main hospital kitchen. Dietary requirements are facilitated. There is no payment for patient meals but any relative/friend who take their meals in the lodge must pay for them. Payment forms are available in the dining room.

Can I stay in the lodge over the weekend?

The lodge is a 5 day unit Monday to Friday only. Any patient who is unable to go home at weekends will be admitted to the main hospital for the duration of their radiotherapy treatment.

Can I stay in the lodge if I am having radiotherapy in the St Luke’s Radiation oncology centres in either Beaumont or St James Hospital?

Yes. Transport is available to take patients to and from the centres daily.

Can a relative/friend stay with me during my radiotherapy treatment?

The lodge has approximately 25 rooms which have twin beds to accommodate a relative/friend.  These rooms cannot be booked in advance. It is advisable to check with the admissions department when you are contacted to start your radiotherapy that a twin room is available. In the event that a twin room is not available your relative/friend may have to return home or stay in a bed and breakfast which can be expensive and may be upsetting for you. Every effort will be made to move you to a twin room when next available.

Can my children stay with me in the lodge?

Children under 16 are not permitted to stay overnight in the lodge but may visit during the day.

What do I need to bring with me to the lodge?

All patients continue to wear their own clothes throughout the day in the lodge. A dressing gown is not required unless you wish to bring one with you. Bed linen/towels are provided. Please bring your own toiletries un-perfumed soap, toothpaste, electric razor (if required) etc.

Will I need to bring my medications?

Yes. Patients in the lodge continue to take their own medications. Medications should be in their original boxes so that the nursing staff can identify them. You should order enough medications from your pharmacy to last for the duration of your radiotherapy treatment and bring a supply with you every week to the lodge.

Is there parking at the lodge and do I have to pay for it?

Parking is available within the hospital grounds for which there is no charge.

Can I stay out overnight when staying at the lodge?

Overnight leave must be requested and permission granted from the medical team.

Can I go out with friends/relatives while I am staying at the lodge?

You may go out with friends/relatives if you are feeling well. You must inform the staff in the lodge if you are out late as a fire register is completed daily.

Will I have my radiotherapy at the same time every day?

Your radiotherapy may be given at different times each day. You will be given an appointment card when you start your radiotherapy.

Will I have radiotherapy early on Friday?

Every effort will be made to ensure you have an early appointment on a Friday prior to weekend leave. This is not always possible due to the volume of patients being treated on the units. Patients who are going home on hospital transport, trains or planes will be given priority. Those patients who are being collected by family/friends or who live nearer to Dublin may be treated later in the day. 

Can I stay in the lodge if I am having chemotherapy with my radiotherapy?

This would need to be discussed with your medical team. Certain types of chemotherapy are permitted in the lodge e.g. 24hr infusional pumps. Some patients attend the oncology day ward in St Luke’s or other centres for their chemotherapy and return to the lodge in the evening.

Are there any charges for patients or relatives staying in Oakland Lodge?

A statutory Government levy of €75 per day, applies to public patients unless they hold a medical card.  The charge is payable for a maximum of 10 days in a 12 month period.  Relatives who stay with a patient pay €80 per week as a contribution for four nights (Monday to Thursday).