Hospital Appointments

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Hospital Appointments

All appointments are made through a central booking office. Your appointment letter will tell you which of the three treatment centres you should attend.

 Please check your appointment letter carefully to make sure you come to the right centre.  If you’re not sure, please call us at:


St. Luke’s Hospital // Tel: 406 5154

(Out Patient Clinic Appointments SLH only) Out Patient Email:

St. James Centre // Tel: 420 6900

Beaumont Centre // Tel: 704 5500

See our Centre Guides here

Your appointment may be for an initial assessment or for a CT simulation scan.

To make sure you are treated quickly and effectively, it’s helpful for us to know certain things about you before we begin your care. You will have received a registration form with your appointment letter. You should complete and bring this form at your first attendance. By giving us the right information, you can help keep our services running as smoothly as possible.

When you arrive for your appointment in your allocated centre please check in at the reception desk and from there you will be directed where to go.