Patient Transport

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Patient Transport

The management of the St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network (SLRON) are aware of the demands placed on patients, families and carers in making transport arrangements for their treatment.

Network Management is also operating within tight financial guidelines and must prioritise patient requirements in the light of limited financial resources.

In order to assist in alleviating the logistical and financial demands placed on patients and families the network has a number of facilities for which you may be eligible and which may help.

Midland Patient Transport

This service brings patients from Mullingar and Tullamore to St Luke’s Hospital on Monday and takes them home on Friday. This is to accommodate patients from the Midlands that spend the weekends at home during their treatment.


St. Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network (SLRON) has a contract in place to provide patient taxis where there is a requirement and specific criteria are met.

St Luke’s Hospital Mini Bus

This is used to transport patients within the Network and the 3 sites.


Patients who are returning home via public transport,  in-patients or staying in the Lodge Facilities at St. Luke’s Hospital can avail of a new service being provided to patients.  Care2Drive will bring patients from St. Luke’s Hospital on a Friday morning, after their treatment, to the appropriate transport location i.e., Bus Station, Train Station, Airport etc.

If you believe that you will have an issue with getting to your appointment or treatment at one of the three sites for the  Network, St. Luke’s Hospital, St. Luke’s Radiation Oncology Centre on the campus of St. James’s Hospital or the SLRON at Beaumont Hospital please let your Consultant or Nurse know. If you wish to apply for support with your transport you must complete a form which will be sent to the Transport Committee who will make a decision, based on agreed criteria, and advise you of outcome.