Specialist Nursing

During my treatment here in St Luke's, I was very happy with the care provided to me.  All the…

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Specialist Nursing

Most patients who need specialist nursing are treated on a daily basis as out-patients. Nursing assessment is provided for outpatients when treatment begins and day care is provided when required.


A small number of patients may require admission to an inpatient bed. The clinician decides which ward you will be admitted to. If you are being admitted to St Luke’s Hospital, the clinician will decide if our Oakland Lodge is suitable for you.

5-day and 7-day wards

Our in-patient facility has 5-day and 7-day wards. If you are on a seven-day ward, you may be able to go home at the weekend and return for your treatment on a Monday.

While making every effort to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible, it may sometimes be necessary to move you to another ward.