Have always and still do find the Staff in the Art Class room, all so lovely, friendly and helpful.

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St. Luke's Hospital is committed to providing a safe, healthy, clean environment and continually strives to improve the quality of our hygiene services.

As part of our commitment to maintaining cleanliness in the hospital, we welcome your views. If there is anything you are unhappy about or would like to bring to our attention concerning these premises, or indeed any aspect of our hygiene services, please feel free to speak to any member of staff.

Hygiene services covers a wide range of areas and activities. These activities are designed to keep our patients and staff safe and protected from the risk of infection. These services include the following areas:

  • Good hand hygiene practice plays an important role in infection control, as it is an effective means of preventing the spread of infection. Compulsory hand hygiene training is delivered to all staff by the Hospital's Infection Control Team.
  • Healthcare staff know they should clean their hands before and after touching patients. We have signs posted throughout the hospital to remind staff. We urge our patients to ask staff if they have cleaned their hands, and to remind staff if they forget.
  • We encourage all patients and visitors to wash their hands when they enter of leave a ward or patient area.
  • Hand hygiene facilities i.e. sinks and hand foam dispensers are located throughout the Hosptial for staff, patients and visitors to use.
  • Weekly audits and inspections to check the general cleanliness of the Hospital are carried out in all departments. These ensure that the highest possible standard of hygiene is achieved and maintained.
  • Strict controls are in place in regard to the Hospital's laundry services. This process is checked and continuously monitored.
  • The storage, cooking and preparation of food served in the hospital is carried out in line with HACCP requirements. This means that St. Luke’s Hospital controls the safety of ingredients and supplies entering the Hospital and adheres to good hygiene practice whenever food is involved.
  • The management of waste is strictly controlled. Waste is separated into clearly labelled risk and non-risk bins and sent for suitable disposal using an approved contractor. Waste is recycled wherever possible.