Oakland Lodge

Have always and still do find the Staff in the Art Class room, all so lovely, friendly and helpful.

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Oakland Lodge

Oakland Lodge is a home from home for patients who purely need to be accommodated because of geographical reasons for example distance from the service. The Lodge is situated on the grounds of St Lukes Hospital.

All rooms are ensuite and some rooms provide for your partner or friend to accompany you during your stay however it must be noted the number of these rooms are limited and therefore same may not always be available. Your Consultant will determine your suitability for the Lodge.

The Lodge is available Monday to Friday and closes on Friday at 1pm. You are advised not to bring valuables to the Lodge. There is a contribution of €80 payable to cover the cost of your partner’s accommodation and meals for each 5 day period of his/her stay.

What to bring to the Lodge

You will need your normal comfortable loose fitting day clothes, as the Lodge is similar to a hotel like facility. All meals are provided. Travelling light is advised as the Lodge is only open Monday to Friday and therefore you will travel home each weekend.

You are requested to bring your medication with you.