Tobacco-Free Campus

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Tobacco-Free Campus

St. Luke’s Hospital will become a Tobacco-Free Campus from 6th January 2014. From that date, you will not be allowed to smoke anywhere on the hospital grounds, inside or outside.

Our hospital aims to promote health. As a major provider of healthcare in the community, we will do our best to create a healthy environment for everyone who visits our campus - our patients, employees, students, visitors and volunteers.

This new Tobacco-Free Campus policy is in keeping with the HSE Tobacco Central framework as your plan to address tobacco.

Benefits of a Tobacco-Free Campus

The benefits of a tobacco-free campus include:

  • providing a healthier, cleaner and safer workplace for everyone;
  • helping to change social norms around tobacco use;
  • giving an example of an environment that creates wellness and prevents illness - this sends a clear and powerful message to all of you that our hospitals support positive health initiatives;
  • making sure that patients have a better health outcome, as stopping smoking greatly improves your chances of recovery;
  • creating a supportive environment for patients, staff and others to stop smoking;

Advice for Hospital Staff

The hospital wants to support staff to stop smoking on campus during working hours. If you would like more support, you can make use of our smoking cessation service where it is available.

Advice for Patients

Before Admission

We will let all patients know about our Tobacco-Free Campus policy before they visit or stay at our hospital. Their appointment or admissions letter will give details of this policy.

You should contact your GP for advice and support on stopping smoking and to talk about options for nicotine replacement therapy before you stay at our hospital.

On Attendance

We ask all patients, service users and visitors who smoke to obey the following rules.

  • Do not smoke on St. Luke’s Hospital campus grounds.
  • Do not bring cigarettes or tobacco products into the hospital.
  • If you are a patient, please tell staff as early as possible if you smoke so that we can provide you with nicotine replacement therapy during your hospital stay. If you wish, we can put together an individual smoking cessation care plan for you free of charge.

70% of smokers, generally, say they would like to stop smoking

If you would like to stop smoking:
Contact the National Smokers’ Quitline on 1850 201 203

Get support on
Or contact you GP or Pharmacist

Download our Tobacco Free Leaflet

Dowload our Tobacco Free Poster