St Luke's Patient Garden

"I have to give praise to all the staff from the top to the bottom.  They manage to treat everybody…

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St Luke's Patient Garden

A very special garden designed to provide a peaceful, calm area for reflection.


This very special garden is designed to provide a peaceful, calm area for reflection. It is connected to the other gardens in the hospital but is also a secluded unit, with its own sense of space and boundaries.   Designed by Hayes Ryan, Landscape Architecture. 

 A core theme of the garden is water and light, with water channels placed in such a way that light and water reflect differently.  The varying sounds from the water features throughout the garden, combined with seating which is enveloped in plants, provides a variety of experience within one space. This garden is designed to be enjoyed from many angles, in all seasons, with an Aqualens providing a central focal point.

The plants have been carefully selected to suit the wide range of light & shade in the garden, and aims to further generate a sense of water in a sea of white.

We hope that patients, their visitors and staff alike enjoy this garden for many years to come.